lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unit 9: broccoli is good for you


In the unit number 9 I want to explain about my favorite food and the healthy of this of food, however I want to say one thing:“While you eat little you will live longer”

My favorite food is the Arabic, especially the falafel and shawarma; such food is very delicious, great and with low fat. The way to prepare. This type of food is using a lot quantity of vegetables, natural products and low species. I do not eat the Arabic food in a frequency way; if you want taste the Arabic food.
I am available to invite you all. Because this food is very good but not really easy to prepare it.
For people Arabic food because it has high proteins level with low fat level

unit 16: please leave us a message

•Answering machine: hi, this Jude. I can’t come to the phone right now. Please have me a message and the I will call you back… beep!
•A: hi, this is Brian I am calling you to know if would you like to go with me to a concert? The concert will be tomorrow at night the show will be started at 8:30 pm. please leave me now if will go with me. My number is 555-0389. Bye
•B: hi Brian? It’s Jude
•A: hi, Jude how are you? Thanks for calling me back
•B: fine, thanks. I am calling because I listened your message. I was sleeping. Well, I want tell you that id like to go with you to the concert but tomorrow is my fathers birthday, but sorry I can’t go